About Us

Our firm started its business operations as an Accounting and Taxation Consultancy Firm in the name of ‘Affri Solution’ and by the grace of Almighty Allah, with dedication of our team members and loyalty and support of our clients, we have been able to establish a niche in the highly competitive environment of the great metropolis. We actually commenced our business with meager resources and very limited number of clients yet our ambition was to transform into a huge success. Time passes by and we earn the goodwill over the years with our heartfelt dedication towards our clients and the services provided to them. We entered into the field of accounting and taxation keeping in view the need to educate and assist people in the accounting and taxation system of our country.


Our goal

Our goal is to get minimize tax burdens and helping our clients to accelerate their business even in bad economic conditions. We do analyze and measure our Client progress and Plan strategically.

Our Values

  • Affri Solution brilliance in the excellence of its projects and in fulfilling the client’s anticipations.
  • Our Lawyers are committed to justice and reliability.

Our Strengths

Affri Solution are our strength due to belief in the quality of work. Our wisdom of strength and specialty in a particular field is united with a scope of experience and acute focus. We are thankful to God for providing expertise in diversified service lines.